When a couple decides to try in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to start a family, it's a big step. This process can help you have a baby, but to maximize your results, it needs some careful planning. Here's what you should do before starting IVF treatment. (and what your reproductive endocrinologist probably WON'T tell you!) 

Eat Right and Stay Active. 

Eating healthy food is really important for anyone getting ready for IVF. Having meals full of good-for-you foods can help improve the body's ability to have a baby. This includes eating lots of fish like wild, not-farmed salmon (which is full of omega-3's), lean meats like organic chicken, whole foods like brown rice, and lots of fruits and veggies like apples and broccoli. Dark red fruits and blue fruits are full of antioxidants which help rid your body of free radicals from stress. It's also important to exercise regularly (even if it's just a regular walk), get plenty of sleep (sleep has a HUGE affect on hormones), and avoid coffee (which is a mineral depleter) and soda (which contains harmful food dyes and .


When embarking on the IVF journey, mental resilience is as crucial as physical preparedness. The process can be emotionally taxing, filled with highs and lows that test your limits. It's essential to acknowledge that struggling with fertility and undergoing treatment can be one of the most challenging experiences for couples. Therefore, finding healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety becomes indispensable. Here are my top tips for coping with the stress since you can't just will yourself "to just relax".
1) Counseling or therapy specialized in fertility can offer immense support, providing a safe space to express and navigate your feelings.
2) Many women just don't want to talk about "it" so my team of experts teach them EFT and AFT tools that can be used in almost any setting
3) Prayer, meditation or Yoga goes a long way in helping you weather the emotional storms of infertility. 

Always remember, acknowledging when you need help and seeking it is a sign of strength, not weakness. Your mental health is AS IMPORTANT as your physical health in this journey. Taking care of it ensures you're in the best possible place to continue with treatment, paving the way for a hopeful outcome.

Relaxing with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a special type of treatment that uses tiny needles to help the body relax and reduce stress. This can be really helpful for people going through IVF because it helps the body prepare to have a baby. And a doctor of acupuncture will tell you that it helps support liver and kidney which are key to your reproductive health 

Taking the Right Supplements

Sometimes, doctors recommend special vitamins or supplements to help improve the body's ability to have a baby. Be sure when choosing supplement's that they are WHOLE food supplements and NOT synthetic which can tax your liver and kidneys. Look for folate (the natural form of folic acid) and methylcarbylamine (the non-toxic form of b12)

Top tests (that your Doctor might not test you for)

Before starting IVF, it's a good idea to have a doctor check for any health issues that could make it harder to have a baby. For example, some women have a condition called endometriosis, which can only be found with surgery and can make it hard to get pregnant. Other conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and thyroid issues can also make it difficult. Based on my experience many doctors only test your TSH and this might not be enough. Be sure to get an extended thyroid panel. Here's my top 10 tests to make sure you get tested for before getting started with IVF. Making sure your tested for these often overlooked tests these BEFORE IVF can lead to more success.

Finding a Great Doctor

Choosing a doctor that you feel happy and comfortable with is really important when you're getting ready for IVF. The perfect doctor will know a lot about IVF, but they'll also be kind, patient, and ready to answer all your questions. If not get a second opinion. 

Remember, every couple is different and what works for one might not work for another. So, it's very important to talk with your doctor and make a plan that fits just right for you. Remember, each doctors protocol is different and you should get personalized care. 

Preparing for an IVF cycle extends far beyond medical appointments; it encompasses nurturing your body through nutritious eating, maintaining physical activity, ensuring mental wellness, and fostering a deep connection with your own physiology. By embracing these practices, you not only set the stage for a successful IVF journey but also pave the way for a smoother treatment process. To embark on this transformative path, consider joining the NURTUREPATH Fertility Incubator. This self-guided program is meticulously designed to support you over a three-month period, enhancing your egg quality and boosting your success rates for reproductive procedures. Embark on a journey of preparation and empowerment with us – your first step towards nurturing new life.

*This information is not intended to replace medical advice. Always ask your doctor before starting any new vitamins or supplements.


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