Meet Erica Hoke
The Infertile Mom of Four, Author, and 
Fertility Strategist

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Are You a Woman Over 35 With 
Unexplained Infertility? 

Are you feeling like you have NO choice but to go to a fertility specialist and 
start expensive and invasive procedures with
 LOW success rates?

Feeling Frustrated Because You Are...

  • Unable to get pregnant
  • Feeling like your too old to get pregnant (35+) 
  • Disappointed every time your period comes
  • A woman who has never had a positive pregnancy test 
  • You've suffering repeat miscarriage
  • Diagnosed with low AMH
  • Being told you  diminished ovarian reserve (DOR)
  • Hearing from doctors everything is “normal” and you have an unexplained infertility diagnosis
  • Unable to do IVF- for financial or religious reason
  • Not a candidate for IVF for health reasons
  • Someone whose done a million IVF/ IUI's and they’ve all been unsuccessful
  • Diagnosed with high BMI and need to lower it in order to get pregnant
  • Experiencing secondary infertility and can’t get pregnant again

You Feel Lost and ALONE when it comes to your Fertility and Health...
Your willing to make changes but you want to KNOW what your doing is going to move you FORWARD on your journey and improve your chances. 
Need guidance and support, I can help you...
Get on track with the “right” things to do FOR YOU that will make a dramatic impact
(lot's of them are cheap and easy.) 
Learn "pocket skills" that you can implement anywhere to cope because 
if you can't cope you can't continue..
Make sure no testing has been missed and that your symptoms are not being overlooked and most of all remember this...
Just because a doctor tells you they can't help you...
DOESN'T mean you can't get pregnant!

Diagnosed with a 1% chance of getting pregnant, I couldn't do IVF and was told I needed donor eggs. I refused to believe it and empowered myself to motherhood without the help of reproductive medicine all 35+ and with 7 other diagnoses.

12 years ago I was told that I would never have children. Now I have 4. Miracles? Yes! I had every infertility issue that you can name. Endometriosis (stage 4), uterine fibroids (handfuls removed), ovarian cysts, PCOS and hyperthyroidism, factor V Leiden. Get the picture? And, although I didn’t know it at the time a double mutation of both genes of MTHFR. I could barely work because I couldn’t control my flow. I was an emotional mess and I wanted a baby more than anything in the world.

We went to fertility doctors. It was a bleak diagnosis. I was 35, hyper ovulating, and NOT a candidate for IVF because of DOR. We could have done IUI with a less than 10% chance of success we chose not to. Instead, I opted for aggressive surgery to remove the fibroids and started researching how to boost your fertility naturally, and what affects your fertility. What I found would be the beginning of a lifelong passion.

What I found was everything affects your fertility...

More About My Story

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10 Overlooked Tests to Make Sure You Get Tested for (or HAVE been tested for) 

There are a number of tests your fertility doctor may not be running that could be the root cause of your infertility.
By asking for these tests, you can save time, money, and heartache.

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