Infertility Success
Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey
I can’t imagine a fiercer group of women on the planet than those women who endure infertility.
Infertility Success, Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey includes stories from 19 women across the USA and South Africa. These women are entrepreneurs, nurses, writers, actresses, personal trainers, activists, and doctors. Their stories cover a spectrum of reproductive issues (endometriosis, uterine fibroids, PCOS, thyroid disease, MTHFR, factor 5 Leiden, and low ovarian reserve).

Their path to the family of their dreams is very different. Some used reproductive medicine, NaPro technology or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Others made big or small diet or lifestyle changes, until the outcome they desired became a reality.

It's also a cautionary tale of self advocacy in the world of reproductive medicine. Many authors endured misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, heart-ache and loss. Many of them beat impossible odds.

They. ALL. Persisted.

Now every one of them wants to spare you from another wasted cycle, and more wasted time, money and effort. Every one of the authors wrote their story for you. The one reader they could help. And if it was only you? They still would have written it. Because of this, each chapter includes “Tip” sections for your journey so it is easy for you to take action and continue moving forward and a way to personally connect with each author. We're here for you and, we’re all voting your victory.

Introduction by Martha Huie
Contributing Authors: Constance Lewis, Diane Prunier, Susan Tozer, Brandi Bunda, Cindy Grace, Kaila Stearns, Laura Watson, Saskia Williams, Amanda Ignot, Cindy D. Vochatzer-Murillo, Amber Stier, Jacci Robyn Lötter,
Drew Jacobs, Jules Batchelor, Kendra Becker, Nancy Powell, Jaida Schupp, Jennifer Tunny

Infertility Success, MORE Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey 

Discover the power of resilience and determination in "Infertility Success: MORE Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey" by Erica Hoke and 10 other contributing authors. As countless couples and women from different walks of life uncover the secret to their fertility magic, this eye-opening infertility book is an essential companion for every woman struggling to conceive.

Navigate through the complex world of fertility with ease as "Infertility Success" becomes your ultimate Fertility Guide. Learn what to expect from your fertility doctor, uncover the hidden factors that might be preventing you from getting pregnant, and unlock the answers that bring you closer to your miracle baby. Say goodbye to thoughts like "What do I do if I can't get pregnant?" and "How do I get pregnant fast?" as this book serves as an informative resource to help you on your path towards motherhood.

Dive into the incredible stories of women who have faced infertility head-on, and find inspiration in their unwavering perseverance. Witness the beauty of personal transformation and the strength of the human spirit as these women share their remarkable journeys. Their honesty and openness in sharing their struggles and triumphs will undoubtedly provide solace and support to those grappling with their own infertility battles.

Whether you're looking for practical advice, emotional support, or seeking help getting pregnant, "Infertility Success: MORE Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey" is your ultimate companion in triumphing over infertility and welcoming your miracle baby into the world. With every page turned, you will feel more empowered and better equipped to embrace the journey towards parenthood.
Published By Erica Hoke
Foreword Dr. Stephen V
Contributing Authors
Erica Hoke
Raylene De Villiers
Angela Kelleher
Courtney Mae Ripoll-McBride
Susan Tozer
Harmony Bacon
Erin Banks
Wendy Vermaak
Cara B. Drescher
Ilonka Markram

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