Are your "Health" Supplements making you SICK?

Are your "Health" Supplements making you SICK?
Do you know that MOST (95%) of supplements that you purchase from a retail location or online are created in a lab and therefore synthetic? Consider this …Pfizer owns Centrum brand, Bayer owns One a day, and Nature Made (oh the irony) is owned by Otsuka, all BIG pharmaceutical companies.

Flu Season Wellness Kit-Get stocked!

Flu Season Wellness Kit-Get stocked!
Top 10 ways you can support your immune system during Flu season
***and Support your body naturally if your ALREADY sick***
SO many people have been posting about how they’re coming down with the flu or worried about catching something that’s going around. Did you know that there actually a ton that you can do to support your immune system?

Epsom salt is now my number one go to if I or my family start feeling under the weather. Get the biggest bag they have. This is your new best friend. “Scented” salts contain synthetic fragrance so stay away from them. You add an amount to a warm bath (see packaging for amount by weight instructions) and soak 40 minutes. The first 20 minutes are for detox and the second 20 minutes are for mineral absorption.   If you have a fever or your little one does one of the best ways I’ve found to support the bodies response to this is by adding a little lavender and lemon essential oil to the salt before running the water. Be sure to add the oils to the salts first. Oil + water= floating oils, and we don't want that!

Colloidal silver is amazing at helping boost the immune system. Heard the saying “born with a silver spoon in their mouth”? The origin of this saying has to do with the health of the child (as well as the wealth). Even way back then they knew silver helped the immune system. This type of hydrolyzed silver has anti-microbial properties and has been used for over 2000 years internally and topically. Learn more here By the way, looks like water and is tasteless so great if your little one (or big) is uncooperative.

Eat perfect every day and always organic? Me either. This is why probiotics are my #1 recommended product to make a dramatic impact on your immune system health. All fresh foods, organic or not contain a certain amount of pesticides. Pesticides act as an antibiotic in your gut killing off good bacteria that you need to support your immune system. Probiotics aren’t created equal. Choose a refrigerated probiotic with as many different strains as possible. You can find more info here
Elderberry syrup has been used for medicine dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians. It’ super easy to make if you have time. I recommend sourcing certified organic elderberries to avoid harmful chemicals. Here’s some sciency about how it kills viruses if you’re into that.
CLICK HERE for my Elderberry Syrup Recipe
Arnica or Arnica Montana leaf is a great substitute to have on hand for synthetic analgesics. It come as teeny tiny pellets or you can get it in a topical cream or gel. My dentist often gives this after a procedure to help with bleeding and swelling.

There’s tons of research on using local honey for sinus related conditions and seasonal allergies. This is also great to have on hand for making elderberry syrup or mixed with essential oils for a “tea”.  For little ones with scratchy throats this sometimes does the trick. Remember never to give honey to a child under 1.

Essential oil diffusers are popping up everywhere, and for good reason! They work amazingly well for a mirid of purposes. For instance, a young child with a stuffy nose or someone in your house having a hard time sleeping. They work by adding a small amount of water and a few essential oils to the air. Make sure you get a diffuser big enough for the room and a run time length to suit your needs.

Now that you have an essential oil diffuser you need essential oils! Again, EO are popping up everywhere. BE cautious! Most essential oils that you can buy at major retailers contain only 5% essential oil. Look for oils that are labeled for topical use and ingestion, and always be sure to read the label.

A warm mist humidifier works by putting moisture back into the air. This can be so helpful for a croupy kid or baby, especially at night. You might not use this one a ton, but when you need it you’ll thank me for having it on hand.
No one likes a stuffy nose and kiddo’s especially have a hard time clearing their airways. That’s why its so great to have a little PLAIN nasal saline on hand to irrigate their nose. This $2 bottle might mean the difference between a good night’s sleep or none at all.
I hope these tips help get you started on your wellness journey. Until next time.
Health and Blessings! xoxo Erica
Shopping list
  1. Epsom Salt-plain
  2. Colloidal silver
  3. Probiotics
  4. Elderberry Syrup-
  5. Arnica tablets and topical gel
  6. Local Honey
  7. Essential oil diffuser
  8. Pure Essential oils that are labeled for topical use. Top picks are Thieves, lemon, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, raven and panaway.  
  9. Warm mist humidifier
  10. Nasal Saline