How to Reduce Infertility Stress with 5 Micro Resets
Stress is not always a bad thing in your life but too much stress can wreak havoc on your hormones and reproductive cycle. Stress can cause spikes in your cortisol response and lead to a cascade of physical and mental symptoms. These are just a daily micro resets that you can add into your life daily to create long lasting benefit. For more tips on how to incorporate lasting micro resets into your daily routine check out Reset on the Run, 21 days to more peace, a healthy gut foundation and more mindfulness.

1)Access your limbic system. What is it and why would this be helpful? The limbic system is responsible for memory and also works with the amygdala and olfactory response. Accessing it can stop or interrupt negative or big emotions in their tracks. One of the ways to do this is through a method called EMT or Tapping for emotional release. Tapping stops the fight or flight loop by calling attention to parts of the body that aren’t involved in flight or fight. This lets the brain know that you are NOT about to get eaten by a bear and the brain can turn its attention back to the rest of the body.
Another of my favorite way to access the limbic system is through the use of essential oil and aromatherapy. The great part about this method is that its simple, portable and discreet. Essential oils work in a matter seconds through aromatherapy and topically (which I also recommend) Some of my favorites include stress away, valor and peace and calming. Tree oils like pine, black spruce and cedarwood are also super helpful at grounding you in a stressful situation.

2)Focusing on being grateful can sometime feel like a job. Don’t get me wrong I am SUPER grateful for so many things AND I frequently get writers block if I am tasked with sitting down to write them down. One of the things that has helped me get past this is utilizing the term “simple joys” this can be a hot cup of coffee enjoyed with your significant other, a cozy sweater, a break in the weather. . . you get the picture. Doesn’t that seem SO much doable to you? Me too!

3)Scheduling downtime/ me time/ self-care… whatever term you want to use it’s essential in helping to create less stress in your life. My talk therapist used to say that I needed more “margin” in my life and now I completely understand what she meant. Think of a margin in a book. The margin created the breathing room on the page so that the words don’t all run together and so your eye can rest on the page. Likewise, creating a schedule of top priorities for the week can be key in getting your stress level down. Add it to your calendar unapologetically, no matter how small the amount of time. If you have a hard time doing this ask yourself if you’re so busy because your “addicted” to the feeling of being stressed (more on that to come), avoiding processing your feelings or if you’re running yourself in the ground as a form of punishment for not being able to get pregnant.

4)Along the same lines of this is the end of the night brain dump. This is something you can do everyday or 1-3 times a week depending on your personality. This will allow you to stop trying to keep track of all your to-do items in your brain and prioritize your top items so at the end of the week you feel a sense of accomplishment. I encourage you to include a ta-da! list also as a way of recognizing all your progress no matter the size.

5)There are so MANY reasons why moving your body and oxygenating your blood is key to reducing your stress and may also be key to your infertility success. Many women with infertility also have a gene mutation called MTHFR. This gene mutation means that your cells aren’t able to methylate properly (clean themselves out). This includes free radicals and oxidative stress. Some of the side affects of this is a build up of lactic acid in the muscles. So, for example you get extremely tense shoulders. You don’t have to join a gym, run a marathon to help your body originate. Set a time several times a day on your phone and do some deep breathing exercises and stretches. There are so many other compelling reasons for some moderate exercise, like increased mood and hormone regulation.

For more tips on how to incorporate lasting micro resets into your daily routine check out Reset on the Run, 21 days to more peace, a healthy gut foundation and more mindfulness.


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