Pregnant and Quarantined: Top Meal Prep Suggestions for the 4th Trimester

All these suggestions are based on my personal experienced as a breastfeeding mom

 and thus geared toward being more “breastfeeding friendly” by eliminating common digestive triggers for you and baby.


Dump meals that you can freeze meat, veggies and sauce all in one bag for crock pot or InstaPot. Here’s a link I like


*Make ahead pancakes with milk and egg for added nutrition. You can also add a shredded veggie of your choice and a cheese for a quick meal or snack.

*Prepare and freeze breakfast wraps with egg, cheese and meat for a quick grab and go breakfast.

*Mason jar overnight oats.

*Pre-make smoothie bags with berries, banana & spinach. I recommend adding a plant based “milk” to this such as almond (carrageenan free), coconut or oat. These are great for a quick snack, breakfast or lunch.



 These salads are little power houses of nutrition. Even better their far easier to eat than a traditional salad (in case your holding a baby in the other) They can be loaded with whatever your preference. Storing your salad this way also extends the shelf life because your going to pack the salad in the top and then it won't be exposed to air. Here are some suggestions of what to add and how to layer
*Bottom Layer-Dressing
*Harder Veggies like carrots, beans, corn, sunflower seeds or other nuts
*Next pepper, fruit (strawberries, apples, tomatoes)
*Cheese, meat, or egg, or quinoa 
*Top with 1.5-2 cups of salad


*Potato’s and sweet potatoes are a great staple to have on hand and can be turned into a meal by adding toppings. In these uncertain times they also store really well, and can be made ahead of time.

*Whole grains like quinoa for salad toppings, granola for snacks and yogurt topping

*Proportioned snacks like pretzels, nuts, cheese sticks, hummus, guacamole, cut up veggies for dipping 

*Frozen Fruits & Berries (for smoothies, yogurt, overnight oats) (preferably Organic)

*Frozen Veggies, Spinach for smoothies, Broccoli (preferably organic)

Want more information about Immune Support, Birthing, or 
4th trimester support?
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TOP 10 Green stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!

There are so many great gifts that won’t add additional clutter to your home. Here are some of my favorites that are not only affordable but many are sustainable and nontoxic. Win! Win! (that’s how I roll😉 )

1)Radish Kids is an amazing culinary box for kids 6-12 (although my now 5-year-old has been joining us in the kitchen since age 3. You get 3 great recipes on laminated cards with step by step instructions. A grocery list, some cultural info on the theme country and a colorful patch for your apron. Most boxes contain a kid size utensil. Click
HERE to get up to 2 months free.

2) Stasher bags has changed my life! I quickly realized after packing lunch for 4 kids that our reliance on single use plastic bags HAD to change. Enter stasher bags. These silicone bags are amazing! Dishwasher safe, you can also take them straight out of the freezer and cook them sous-vis style. They also make amazing packaging “kits”. Think a little first aid kit for a boat, a waterproof bag for the beach, camping or even as a makeup bag. They come in a range of sizes from snack to ½ gallon size.

3)Organic Wool Dryer Balls & Essential oils. Laundry products might be the new tobacco. According to most laundry products get a D or F rating for toxicity. I MISS the fresh laundry smell so we switched to organic wool dryer balls. Add a few drops of a sustainable sourced essential oil and throw them in your dryer for better drying time, and a fresh toxic free scent. Molly Suds are some of my favorites.They’re sustainably sourced and a nice large size. 

4) Keepsake jewelry made from mementos such as breastmilk, ashes, hair, sand, fabric, placenta, fur or flowers is both unique and sentimental. I am a very sentimental person and I wish I had known about Moonstone Mementos. This is an amazing gift for anyone who has had a loss this year but especially a miscarriage or loss of a pet. ORDER HERE 
Use code “woke”for 20% off your order through 12/11.

5) I love supporting small businesses and this one is amazing with an amazing story. After almost losing her daughter to suicide Tamara started designing these bracelets as therapy. Seventeen percent of the proceeds go toward the semi-colon project. Here’s the link to her ETSY shop. 
Receive 20% off your order with code “woke” .

6) Reusable cotton feminine hygiene, masks, keychains and accessories. Dioxins in feminine hygiene products can be linked to reproductive cancer and infertility. After suffering from infertility for years herself Traci decided to help other women replace their feminine hygiene products with a reusable cotton product. Fandamonium Stitchery Get 10% off your order with code “wokesale”

7) Who doesn’t love a soft and cuddly lovey blanket or teether for a little bundle of joy?! Diamond and Sage creations has a ton of adorable and unique patterns for littles to love. Use code “hoke10” for 10% off your order

8) A spa at home? YES! Please! Turn any shower experience into an amazing spa experience with this amazing shower diffuser. It holds two 15ml bottles of essential oil of your choice and you can control how much of each scent you want! I LOVE THIS product! It’s especially great if you have a stuffy nose and want to use an oil and some steam as a decongestant. Get 20% off all products with

9.) Handmade soap makes a great stocking stuffer especially for the men in your life. One of my favorite shops is Endless Layers with Linds. Two of my favorites are the Oats and honey chunk, made with 100% organic gluten free oats and Florida raw unfiltered honey and the orange espresso chunk make with organic free trade espresso and infused with YL orange essential oil. Lindsey also has some amazing elderberry kits in her shop that are ready to ship with everything you need to make a batch of organic elderberry syrup. Receive a free soap chunk with any order placed by 12/15/20.
10) One of the things I always got in my stocking was a toothbrush and I continue the tradition with my kiddos (and myself 😉 ) I love the Thieves line of fluoride free dental care products by Young Living. There are a few different kinds of toothpaste, but I love the whitening version. Also included in the Thieves lineup is mouthwash and dental floss which have the rich and spicy cinnamon, clove, orange flavor Thieves is famous for. sponsor referral #2039801 
Free Shipping on Thieves dental hygiene / $50 orders email for shipping credit.

Wishing you health and blessings this Holiday Season, 

Are your "Health" Supplements making you SICK?

Are your "Health" Supplements making you SICK?
Do you know that MOST (95%) of supplements that you purchase from a retail location or online are created in a lab and therefore synthetic? Consider this …Pfizer owns Centrum brand, Bayer owns One a day, and Nature Made (oh the irony) is owned by Otsuka, all BIG pharmaceutical companies.

Reset on the RUN in 5 minutes a DAY!

Reset on the RUN in 5 minutes a DAY!

Find yourself not sleeping well? Eating more junk food? Snapping at your family or experiencing more emotional upheaval? Running on empty and struggling to make it through the day? 

I don’t know about you, but between coronavirus craziness, summer schedule survival, working on my own healing, and simply taking care of the day-to-day needs in my home, I feel like I’ve been in survival mode these days instead of THRIVING. 

You too??

Feeling depleted, tired, stressed, and overwhelmed can really impact your health before you know it. If you’re already recovering from chronic conditions, this just adds another layer of stress and sometimes difficulty to get going on a healthier path. 

I think it’s the perfect time to Reset, Restore, and Refresh and to take some time to focus on SIMPLE 5 minute daily habits that will lead to improved health (body,mind & spirit).

 That's why I’ve created the 21 Day Reset on the Run  for us! It’s a busy, mindful  way to take back your health - body, mind, and spirit - one micro step at a time!

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Motherhood Set my PTSD on Fire

It’s never an easy thing to talk about your faults but when it comes to motherhood it’s downright mortifying. If we could choose wouldn’t we choose to be perfect in this area if we could? I know I would. I know you would. But we’re not, we’re just women and mother’s doing our best. Most of us admit only in dark corners of our social media comments on particularly bad days that we take a tally each night of our wins and losses and count that day as a failure and cry ourselves to sleep. Oh, if our kids only knew!

I never expected motherhood to be this hard. I never thought it would be this painful. After years of trying to conceive I imagined our days filled with crafts, reading books, snuggles and exploration. It was- at first, when we had one VERY easy baby who turned into a VERY easy toddler. Easy to the point that I literally couldn’t tell anyone how easy he was because they would kill me! You know textbook. Hit all his milestones on schedule. Slept 12 hours a night. Took two 3-hour naps during the day. Was 100% potty trained by 2…. So easy in fact that when he was 17 months-old we decided to try again for another. . . and we got two. Even though I was 39 when I was pregnant with the twins, I will tell you the pregnancy itself did nothing to prepare me for the coming storm.

The first few weeks were the normal for newborns. We got to know each other and it was difficult but in a “I’m caring for two human babies’ kind of way”. Then the symptoms of silent reflux started. We tried everything we could think of at the time to go the natural route- including going 100% dairy free (again) so that we could eliminate a dairy protein intolerance in my breastmilk. Give them formula you say? Well if there was 10 ways to give a baby milk from something other than a breast, we tried them all. They. Were. Not. Having. IT.

So, what does any of this have to do with PTSD? And mine specifically? In case you’re not counting when the twins were born, I had 3 under 3, my oldest only being 27 months old. I had a total lack of autonomy being tethered to my children 24-hours a day with no relief in sight left me completely depleted, which triggered a shame response “there’s something wrong with me for wanting time away” and then I would set an unrealistic goal (perfection in motherhood) and then become overwhelmed again, have another outburst. Rinse and repeat.

B.C (before children) I was able to manage my PTSD by living a well-ordered life. If I was tired, I slept. If I was hungry, I ate. In hindsight my life (other than infertility) was relatively stress free. I was able to self sooth in whatever way was pleasing to me at the time (most of the time those were healthy choices) I was seeing a therapist but because I wasn’t having “classic” panic attacks she never really let on that the sudden outburst of tears during a high pressure conversation (B.C) or in other situations that I would break down were actually panic attacks related to my PTSD from childhood trauma.
So, I know you might be thinking does she really have PTSD? And if she does, what from. Before I shed some light on that let me just tell you a little about PTSD. It’s not just for war vets anymore. Today over 7.7 million individuals are diagnosed with PTSD. Individuals suffering from PTSD may experience reoccurring nightmares, flashbacks, anger, rage, shame, guilt and extreme emotions. Typically, PTSD occurs when an individual has, among other criteria:1) Witnessed or is exposed to a traumatic event involving actual or threatened death or serious injury or a threat to the physical integrity of self or others. 2) experienced intense fear, helplessness, or horror from the event, resulting in the future avoidance of anything associated with the traumatic event. 3) continued neurological stimulation resulting in an inability to relax1.

Because of trauma I suffered as a child in the form of sexual and emotion abuse and abandonment I am triggered when I a) don’t feel heard b) I’m overstimulated c) I feel out of control. This manifest itself in so many ways but usually an exaggerated emotional response to the situation (aka-mom’s flipping out) or crying. None of these leave me feeling good about myself. Knowing what I know now, it's no surprise that I had all the major fertility issues I had. 

After the twins were born, I didn’t want to go on medicine but I felt like I had to do something to help my mental health. I had already gone as far as seeing a psychologist to get a RX when I got introduced to Young Living. As soon as I started using the peace and calming that came in my kit, I knew that I had found the solution that I was looking for. I felt so better from day 1. I really felt empowered and started researching all the ways I could help myself with them. That’s when I found the gut /brain connection and started taking the Life 9 probiotics which totally cut my anxiety in half. I was calmer and happier mom that I wanted to be AND I also had a way to help my babies with their big emotions.
As the saying goes.... little kids, little problems. Big kids, bigger problems. As my kids grew, my emotions grew alongside them. Less control, meant more outburst. So now along with the essential oils I take a pure CBD isolate by Nature’s Ultra to help me cope. Now, I have tool. Now I have come to recognize when I need to have some quiet time. Now I’m finally also learning to take care of me.

If you're a survivor of trauma and looking for natural ways to support your PTSD or (in)fertility.


[1] American Psychiatric Association: Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental disorder, fourth edition. Text revision, Washington D.C., American Psychiatric Association 2000. Pp 218-220

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