Are your "Health" Supplements making you SICK?

Listen, we’re all busy and doing the best we can to take care of our health and the health of the people we love so I’m going to break down some myths surrounding the supplements you might be taking. I often see people talking about supplements online that they have purchased in a grocery store or drug store in an attempt to increase their overall health. But do you know that the supplement industry is NOT regulated AT ALL!? Not by the FDA or any other governing body.

Do you know that MOST (95%) of supplements that you purchase from a retail location or online are created in a lab and therefore synthetic? Consider this …Pfizer owns Centrum brand, Bayer owns One a day, and Nature Made (oh the irony) is owned by Otsuka, all BIG pharmaceutical companies.
And that these supplements are actually HARMING you instead of helping you? Yes, even and if a doctor wrote you a prescription for the vitamin (unless they’re a holistic practitioner).

Why does this matter? All the supplements you take have to be processed through your liver. Let’s take of B12 for example. This supplement in synthetic form (found fortified bread, crackers, cookies, cereal and chips) is called cyanocobalamin. That’s right cyano as in cyanide, the poison! Your liver along with all its other daily tasks is having to filter out this toxic substance. Taking synthetic vitamins can easily lead to toxic overload in the body especially if you have the gene mutation MTHFR.

Let’s break down what to look for in a whole food supplement so that we can make a healthy choice for ourselves and our families.

1.Traceability and transparency of the company and sourcing of materials OR
2.USDA organic certified (this still allows for small amounts of pesticide/trace heavy metals*
3.Third party tested (reduced Contamination from heavy metals, lead, pesticides, bacteria)
4.Folate/ folic acid is listed as methyl folate
5.B12 listed as methylcobalamin

What to look for/avoid:
1.Synthetic Dyes
2.Synthetic sweeteners
3.Cellulose(wood pulp)
4.Titanium dioxide
5. Gelatin
6. Silicon dioxide (shelf stabilizer and preservative)
7.Carrageenan (known carcinogen)

(*no amount of lead is safe for you or your baby's’ brain) 

Healthier lives for ourselves and those we love is always the goal. I’m here to make it easy for you so if you want some personalized recommendation based on you and your loved ones needs (not brand specific) that I use check out my calendar and let's chat! 


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