3 Tips to increase your fertility this Fall
I love fall but to be honest I use to FEAR fall. After all Isn’t that when people start to get sick? I felt powerless to boost my immune system or protect myself outside of good handwashing hygiene. Now I know better and I want to share all my top tips for you to protect and boost your system as fall approaches especially if you’re trying to conceive.
Supplements to boost your immune system

1)Vitamin D- This vitamin has gotten a lot of play in the media and for good reason. It’s crucial to multiple body system functions including your reproductive system. Some experts recommend eating fortified food to add vitamin D to your diet (most milk, juice, breads and cereals contain a synthetic vitamin D) if you have the MTHFR gene mutation ingesting them can cause a ton of toxicity and inflammation in your body. Foods rich in vitamin D include wild salmon, tuna and herring as well as egg yolk. In case you don’t want to make those a daily staple in your diet here’s a link to the one I recommend.

2)Vitamin C- I can tell you from personal experience that shopping for a good quality vitamin-C is a mine field of poor-quality products. Most vitamin C is ascorbic acid which is nothing more than cheap-to-make synthetic. Not only is this not an absorbable form but it can cause a lot of toxicity in your body as it tries to break it down.

3)Probiotic – Did you know that most of your immune system is in your gut? And that even if you eat organics your ingesting small amounts of pesticides from your food every day? These pesticides (mostly glycosophate) act as an antibiotic in your gut every day. In order to combat the daily killing off of your GOOD gut bacteria you have to add a high quality, multi-strain probiotic (preferably refrigerated or shelf stable until refrigerated version)

Boost your immune system with your favorite fall treat that contains cinnamon, clove or nutmeg. Cinnamon is a highly researched antiviral; clove is an antioxidant as is nutmeg. These are great to ingest in teas or DIY lattes. I love this recipe for as a substitute for chemical laden versions that contain carcinogens and TONS of sugar! (Check out the photo above for the recipe)

Most of us consume as much sugar in the last quarter of the year as we do the previous 9 months. Watch your sugar intake and make a plan to maintain a healthy weight over the holidays. Not only will you start off the New Year without the extra pounds you will protect your immune system from the weakening affects of sugar. We know that many of our reproductive hormones start in the gut so protecting and supporting it is key in your fertility journey.


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