What to Do When Everyone’s Having a ‘Rona Baby But You…..

If it hasn’t happened to you already you and I both know that it’s coming. . . After several long months of being cooped up with *literally* NO WHERE to go we’re going to be getting a lot of news from our friends of unexpected pregnancy’s.
For woman with infertility issues and repeat miscarriages this is a daily struggle, but soon it will seem like SO many of your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors are” accidently” pregnant. And for someone struggling with infertility? Well that, that is a WHOLE other level of pain.

I will tell you as someone from the other side. You have only 2 choices. You can crawl in a hole of anger, frustration, sadness and pain OR you can take a look at how your lifestyle is affecting your fertility. You can choose to take the Doctor’s GRIM diagnosis (after all who am I and what do I know?) or you can stand up to your fear, and say like I did that your NOT going to give up until you have laid bare every. single. thing. Within your control.
Some of you will read this and say. I can’t. It’s too hard. Maybe deep down inside you don’t want to think that the choices you are making on the daily are affecting your fertility. Your wrong. But because it will take work and self-growth you will take a different path. In the long run you may have a happy ending, but I believe you will always wonder. What if?
Some of you will read this and say. She couldn’t have had all that wrong with her (see my bio) and still have four children. In your mind you will call me a liar. In your mind you will dismiss me. Off to the next doctor you will go until you have emptied your bank account. At the end of that empty bank account may or may not be a baby. For so many there is nothing but empty promises and empty arms (and to add insult to injury a “I told you so” from the doctors who kept cashing the checks).
I’m not that unique. There are many, many of us out there who are telling our story of healing. For us, that story ended with baby(s). In my deepest heart of hearts, I want that for you too. As someone who was given NO treatment options, and NO hope outside of donor eggs I had to learn how to change, heal and listen to my body. I want that kind of healing for you too! I started with my diet. Not a “diet” but a hard look at really how “good” the things I was eating were in terms of feeding my body. I took things out. I added things in. I started to feel better. Change is never easy, but always worth it. Here’s that first step. Are you ready to get started?

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